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24 Hour Auto Locksmith in Reading

Lost your car keys? Need a replacement? Locked keys in your car? No worries! AM Locksmith is always ready to help with any tricky locksmith situation.

Auto Locksmith

It might be the case that you run a business and you have a few drivers that share the same vehicle on different shifts and they all need to have a key we can duplicate as many keys as you need.

Perhaps you just ran into the shop and left the dog in the car on a hot day and you know its very dangerous for the dog to be in there for too long just give us a call and we will have your puppy back in your arms before you know it.

Our auto technicians are trained and qualified to the highest standard and are very friendly guys who love their job. They will go above and beyond to make sure we have a happy customer and a car that can start. We are here to help from Ford to VW, our locksmith service will be able to provide a service for you and the great thing about it is that we come to you 24/7 anywhere in Reading.